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Adventures with a Mandolin

I was pointed to this community by misslynx and thought I would share my own tale of woe.

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I am writing this entry with one hand plus a forefinger and thumb.

How did I lose the use of three of my fingers you ask? Well it's really a simple story...

I had just purchased a new grating tool that had switchable blades so you could grind spices, or cheese. Or you could use (as I did.) the slicing blade to thinly slice vegetables.

Now I was thinly slicing vegetables (cucumber to be precise) so that I could make pickles for kettunainen, who has been desiring their tasty yummyness, a craving that I know all too well. So I began to run the cucumber back and forth along the blade and then wham! I had cut open the tips of two of my fingers. This was quite painful and I got them cleaned and bandaged right away. But since the wounds were in such awkward places I had to then take my painter's tape and tape them in place with makeshift wrap bandages. That was all fine, I got the fingers bandaged up, washed the slicer and rinsed all the cucumber slices carefully. Then I began again and wouldn't you know it but just as I finish the cucumber my knuckle grazes the blade and I start to bleed again. So I again bandage up, wash up, and have decided that these cucumber slices will be made into pickles for me.

So now with three banadged and taped fingers I decide to hold off on slicing more cucumber.

Today I get up, wash and change the bandages (regrowing flesh hurts incidentally) and then very carefully I slice the second cucumber I had and that cucumber, being completely blood free is now becoming pickle chips for kettunainen.

The moral of the story? I'm not allowed near sharp things.
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