EFGH (sogellag) wrote in failed_recipe,

cheese bread

This is also posted in my own journal...

what a disaster. Usually when I make bread, I use a breadmaker, so it comes out pretty well and beautifully risen, soft and fluffy with a nice hard crust. This time I didn't use a breadmaker since I was using my aunt's recipe and hadn't used it before, so I figured I would test it out by following the recipe as it was written. So of course I was really bad about activating the yeast. Ug. I didn't properly dissolve it in the hot water before adding it to the dough mixture and then I stupidly poured in the cold water before mixing in the hot water and yeast mixture. The resulting dough did not rise whatsoever. I cooked the thing anyway and now it looks fine, but it is hard as a rock. It is mega dense cheese rock. It tastes good, but I'll have to try again next week. Sigh. What a waste of food.

grumble grumble
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