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Failed Doughnut Recipe from Alton Brown

Recipe here: http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recipes/recipe/0,1977,FOOD_9936_27943,00.html

I have made the dough twice and it still won't reach the point to pull away from the sides of the bowl and has been pretty wet.

To remedy the problem I made a second batch, shaved off a tbsp or two of liquid, and dusted underneath and above the dough with flour to encourage it to stop sticking to the bowl while mixing. It was still very "gloopy," exactly as before.

I used White Lilly AP flour, which I use for pretty much everything.

I just gave up and put the second batch in the bowl to let it rise, but when it rose and I went to roll it, it was difficult (as I figured it would be...) When cut with floured cutters the dough was impossible to pick up and retain the shape, because the dough was still flowing.

I just realized I could have tried folding the dough during the rise to encourage some strength, but the way it was, I still feel it would have been slightly in vain. I am considering leaving out the part where you proof the yeast and just adding the yeast to the flour, and omitting the water. Is this an ok idea? Or maybe melting the shortening and adding it later? (I'm leaning stongly against this, though.) Maybe I should try subbing some of the AP flour with bread flour, since maybe the white lilly brand of AP flour is too soft.

Any help or suggestions is greatly appreciated. Also I'd appreciate if anyone who has pulled off this recipe would let me know what brand of flour they used? When I think about it, White Lilly never acts right in bread baking that calls for AP.

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