anibundel (anibundel) wrote in failed_recipe,

Mutant Pepper

(x-posted to own journal...not really a failed reciepe, more of a freaky ingredient)

No6 (comes out of kitchen): So you know the oversized orange bell pepper we bought yesterday at Wegmens?

Me: Yeah?

No6: So I cut it open, and it was filled with little peppers.

Me: Huh?

No6: Well, you know how usually inside of peppers, there are all the little seeds?  The seeds in this one had sprouted, so inside the pepper were all these little immature peppers.  It's disturbing.  Come see.

Me (following into kitchen): So it was a Mommy pepper?

No6: Well usually the pepper falls to the ground and breaks open first before the seeds sprout like this.   So this was a mutant.

Me: So it was a pregnant pepper?

No6: Yes, but with many little peppers.

Me: So it had had in-veggio fertilization?

No6: Even the peppers at Wegmens have disposable income.
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