Sam Kabo Ashwell (maga_dogg) wrote in failed_recipe,
Sam Kabo Ashwell

more adventures in the Great Salt Jar

I have to post a retraction on the ultra-salt ketchup I mentioned last summer: although an utter failure as ketchup, it turned out to be a very useful ingredient. If I used it in a situation where I'd normally use salt, it worked like very, very flavoured salt. So far, so good.

I played around with the jar, adding more mushrooms, jalapenos, sundried tomatoes and so on; however, recently I thought I'd start a fresh, clean experiment and do a garlic-ginger version. I chop up a couple of heads of garlic, a liberal amount of root ginger, layer it with metric fuckton of salt and splash in a bit of vodka to get the liquids started and for added preservative effect.

A week or so later, the garlic has gone green. A light, minty yet unnaturally vibrant green, suggestive of chlorine gas or the cheek of a goth Medusa. I am not sure if this is what pickled ginger and garlic is meant to do, or if it's a particularly chic variety of botulism.
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