Siobhán (vondage) wrote in failed_recipe,

Awful looking banoffee pavlova!

Banoffee pavlova lit with candles

The candles in the above photo distract the eye from how much my Birthday pavlova looked like turd on a meringue!

This isn't a truly failed recipe, as it tasted great, but it is very very ugly so I thought it might make other people laugh! I decided I wanted a pavlova for my Birthday, so made an orange coloured one as I thought the orange and brown would be a bit cool and retro. Turns out it's not. Just before adding the cream I decided to include some banana milkshake flavouring along with some more food dye, to make it a banoffee pavlova.

I had some boiled condensed milk left over from last year, so I thought I'd have a go at piping the toffee goo. Unfortunately it was so thick that this took rather a lot of strength and produced a quite awful looking result. It was also really difficult to control because of the amount of effort I needed to put in, so I gave up on any ideas of prettiness and just went for my name and a relative covering!

It tasted great but if I was making it again I'd make the meringue white, the banana flavoured cream yellow and add quenelles of toffee, or just little blobs anyway. However, as it was only for me and easily pleased friends I'm very impressed with my turd pavlova! If you do ever want to recreate turds for any gross cake in the future I really recommend it!

Turd Pavlova

It really does look like someone's shat on a cheap B&B's peach duvet cover doesn't it? Ah well, it tasted awesome!
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