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Failure x 2

Failure part one: Rice.

Rice is not difficult to cook. I know this. However, I failed at this last night.

Take pot. Take measuring cup. Fill twice and put in pot.
Add cup of rice and set to boil.
Wait 20 minutes.
Why is rice not cooking right? Hmmm, probably got turned too low. Turn up heat and keep cooking.
Hmmm, rice is getting all mushy now. Never had this happen before.

And then the aha! moment.

My measuring cup was a 2-cup measure. 4 cups of water:1 cup of rice = rice pudding.

*sigh* Try again.

Failure part two: Lemon-cinnamon chicken.
(This was from several days ago)

I followed the recipe closely. The basics are lemon juice, 2 tsp. oil, 1 tsp. cinnamon, 2 chicken breasts. Marinade for 15 minutes, then cook. Not hard, right.

It is if your kitchen is not lit because you are lazy.

So, I cooked everything and it smelled yummy. I sat down to eat and was surprised by the flavor. It was....spicy. And not savory like cinnamon. I ate another bite and then the aha! moment.

In a dark kitchen, cinnamon looks similar to another reddish brown spice. Cayenne. I'd made lemon-cayenne chicken.

Still tasty, but really not what I was going for.
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